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Interview Project: Directions and Examples

Sketch of Interviewing for Contemporary History

      • Due Date: ____September 11_____
      • Over the next week should find someone and have a brief 5-10 min. conversation about a historical event in their lifetime.  The significance and purpose of that event will largely be dependent on the interviewer and interviewee, but you must be able to set it in its social, political, and cultural context. The event must have some relationship to American history. 
      • Each interview should be linked or posted  in its entirety, with two significant quotes typed out in a blog post.  You are presenting significant elements of the interview and the historical event in context.  Please cite sources you used in your research and add two or three resources for further reading.
      • Requirements: 150-200 words with embedded links, images, and citations, and an embedded recording of the interview. See Rubric

Jiaying’s interview with Mr. Shoup
Carrie interviews her uncle on September 11
Josie’s Interview on the 1988 Bay Area Earthquake

If you are looking for resources about which application to use to record and edit your interviews, check out this list:  Record and Edit Audio

Blog Instructions and Expectations


This year we will use this blog as the central node of the class. Together we will all make this space a valuable resource where we will post assignments, resources, and provide you with exemplary work from the past. One of your first assignments is to create your blog and craft your first few posts. You will find directions about how to create your blog written by Mr. Minster here.  

Some general guidelines for your blog include:

  • A catchy title and a tagline that is not “Just another Stab Blog”
  • A design that makes the blog easy to navigate for your reader and is visually pleasing. All templates can be customized
  • Use of tags and categories for all posts.

Nice but not necessary:

  • Widgets like a blogroll or links to useful websites or embedded twitter feeds

Your first assignment is to go out and get some American Culture. Simply put, this assignment asks you to go and have an experience that you think is particularly American and write about it.  It will be a test of your writing skills, and it will be up to you to make the argument about why this experience is particularly American.  It can be something iconic (baseball, apple pie, Barbie and GI Joe) or something odd and particular to you (a love of boiled peanuts, alone time with avant-garde hip-hop, or a past with American Girl Dolls).

Basic requirements for all blog posts include:

  •  A catchy title
  • A layout that is visually pleasing and useful to your reader.
  • Embedded and active links i.e. American Studies Blog not  AMST.BLOG.STAB.ORG
  • Images  that are either centered at the top or the text wraps around them.
  • All images are credited unless they are your own
  • All sources are cited
  • Posts are tagged and categorized

Here is the rubric for the assignment along with an exemplary post from last year. 

While we know that you all are digital natives, it is important to note that this might be a new experience for you. This is a wordpress blog that you are creating so you can find an abundance of resources about how to tag posts, categorize, and craft excellent blogs through a google search including this one from WordPress.  Use each other as resources and feel free to email your teachers if you have questions.   Have fun!